Antibiotic Stewardship Programs in the NICU

Antibiotic Stewardship Programs (ASP) have been a Joint Commission Standard since 2017. The goal of an ASP is to establish processes to optimize appropriate antibiotic prescribing. This presentation will describe the components of an ASP, discuss the specific challenges establishing such programs in the NICU, and share successful neonatal implementation strategies.


1. Recall two risks of using antibiotics in the small baby.
2. State two factors that can improve the accuracy of infection diagnosis in a small baby.
3. List three ways an NICU nurse can participate in their unit-based Antibiotic Stewardship Program.
4. Describe three strategies that have been used to reduce antibiotic exposure int eh small baby.

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*This presentation was included in the Small Baby Care Specialist® Program

Last updated: November 2021

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Linda Lefrak
Linda Lefrak

Linda Lefrak is a Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist. Her education included an undergraduate degree from Indiana University in nursing. In the early 70's she completed one of the first Neonatal Nurse Practitioner programs in the country at the University of Arizona. In 1984 she completed a Clinical Nurse Specialist graduate program at the University of California in San Francisco. She has worked at five children's hospitals during her forty eight years of practice and participated in state and national neonatal collaboratives. Her interests include neonatal nutrition, patient safety, infection risk reduction, neonatal abstinence syndrome, pain management, and ethics.

She lives in Oakland, California and has three children and two grandchildren.

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