Pharmacotherapy in the Small Baby

Pharmacotherapy in the preterm neonate is complex. The physiologic immaturity of the preterm neonate requires mindful therapies and individualization for each infant’s tolerance. This presentation will discuss the Principles of Pharmacodynamics (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination) related to the preterm neonate. Considerations for common medications are presented.


  • Outline three pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles in neonates.
  • Compare and contrast considerations for medication administration in premature neonates versus term infants or children.
  • Describe two specific precautions and monitoring recommendations for drug therapy in premature neonates.

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*This presentation was included in the Small Baby Care Specialist® Program

Last updated: November, 2021

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Letitia DeLaine
Letitia DeLaine

Dr. DeLaine graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2013 from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore School of Pharmacy. After graduation, she moved to San Antonio, Texas to begin a Pharmacy Practice Residency at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio where after completion of residency, she was hired as the first Emergency Medicine Pharmacist at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. After four years at Children’s, she found a new home at Holy Cross Health as the Women & Children’s Clinical Pharmacy Specialist. Currently, she manages the clinical and pharmacy operations for the busiest birthing hospital and the largest Level III NICU in the state of Maryland where an average of ~26 babies – a kindergarten class – is born each day! She achieved Board Certified Pediatric Pharmacy Specialist certification in 2018 and works closely with the NICU team to develop policies, protocols, staff education and guidelines for the entire NICU and with a special focus on the Holy Cross Tiny Baby Unit.

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